Getting up in the morning is a problem for you? You have to force yourself out of bed every time? You are searching for a way to make it easier? MorningBooth is your answer. Never oversleep again.

Predefined alarm sounds can wake you up softly or rather unpleasant. To turn them off, you need to take a bright picture of yourself. Only if it is bright enough, the alarm will be turned off.

This makes you turn on the light, so you really are awake after the alarm.

Also the picture history lets you record your life by having a picture of yourself for every day from the point you start using the app.

Nine different alarm sounds provide a good variety for you to pick your ideal sound.

You can also customize the clock in the app. Choose from four unique clock styles and pick any color you want for them.

Beautiful, useful and entertaining - that is MorningBooth.